Clubs & Music Tuition

Clubs – Summer Term 2022

Year 1 + 2 Boys & Girls Football club – click HERE

Year 3 + 4 Multi Sports club – click HERE

Years 5 + 6 Multi Sports club  – click HERE

Years 3 + 4 Boys & Girls Football club – click HERE

Years 1 + 2 Multi Sports club – click HERE

Years 5 + 6 Boys & Girls Cricket club  – click HERE



Music Tuition

Suffolk County Music Service tutors visit our school to give lessons in school time, in small groups, to those pupils who choose to learn an instrument. As soon as these pupils reach a certain standard, they are invited to join the school orchestra.

 Music Tuition options available as follows:

  • Upper String tuition – violin and viola is open to anyone who will be in KS2 in September 2022.
  • Cello, Woodwind and Brass tuition is restricted to children classes 4, 5 or 6 in September 2022. The woodwind instrument being offered to beginners is Flute.

From academic year 2022/23 County Music will be offering an Instrument Hire Service for all pupils with a small fee per term. Please see the following link for the information regarding the instrument hire. Please note that this is arranged directly with the Music Service and the school does not arrange this for pupils.

In line with the Governors’ Charging and Remissions policy, charges will not be made for pupils in receipt of (or registered for) free school meals. If, however, the number of children committing to music tuition drops significantly, the cost will increase.

Following is a summary of the terms and conditions of the Music Tuition, which will hopefully answer any initial queries you may have concerning the tuition provided by County Music.

School Terms and Conditions

  • We reserve the right to charge you a full years tuition should you withdraw after the tuition order has been placed.
  • If for any reason we are unable to provide the tuition requested we will offer an alternative discipline or a refund of the deposit.
  • Tuition will be offered on a “first come first served” basis for beginners and if demand exceeds tuition hours available, the school will hold a waiting list for places.

County Music Terms and Conditions

What happens if.?

      a) the pupil is away or on holiday  – the school is under no obligation to replace this lesson and a charge will still be made

       b) the pupil forgets his/her instrument – the school is under no obligation to replace this lesson and a charge will still be made

       c) the pupil has a long term absencee .g broken limb, hospitalization (3 consecutive weeks or more)   – representation should be made to the Headteacher

                                                                                                                                                                                                      who may consider an amendment to the next invoice.

       d) the tutor is absent and the number of  – reimbursement may be made if lessons falls below 34 in the academic year

        e) Snow/School Trip/Inset day  -if notified in advance the tutor will endeavor to make up the lesson