Dinner Menus

The school offers weekly Hot Dinner Menus for all children. The menu is on a 3 week rotation, following the calendar dates below.

There is also a salad bar option for all children every day.

A choice of Fruit, jelly or yoghurts are available everyday as an alternative to the desserts.


Dinner Menu Spring / Summer   – Week 1 – Weeks commencing  9th October, 6th November, 27th November, 18th December, 15th January, 4th March, 25th March


Dinner Menu Autumn / Winter – Week 2 – Weeks commencing  25th September, 16th October, 13th November, 4th December, 2nd January, 22nd January,  12th February, 11th March


Dinner Menu Spring / Summer – Week 3 – Weeks commencing 2nd October, 30th  October, 20th November, 11th December, 8th January, 29th January, 26th February, 18th March